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Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117
Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.
Within the Province of Glasgow

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

The History in chronological order from 1817 to 1897

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Year Details
1817 The number of the Lodge changed to 115.
1819 26th March: Jubilee held, after election of the Office Bearers; they and the members walked in procession from the Lodge room to the house of Thomas Fowler, where they were joined by the Anderston Starr Lodge. After changing clothing and taking refreshment, they returned to the Lodge Room and spent the night in harmony. The band used in the procession was that of Pollokshaws Royal Arch.
1822 In this year the foundation stone of a bridge over the Kelvin at Woodside, called King's Bridge, was laid with full Masonic honours, by Brother William McLachlan, RWM of St Mary's.
1824 Dispute between the Master and Tyler over the handling over the key of the chest for the purposes of repair. At meeting held on the matter it was agreed that the Master be under the censure of the Lodge for 99 years.
1825 13th May: At this meeting it was discovered that the Charter was missing. On June a committee was set up to enquire into this and it was decided that it had been done largely as a check on the Master and Wardens to guard things more carefully; the matter was then allowed to drop.
1825 10th November: Expulsion from the Craft for 99 years on one John McNicol for assaulting one William McLachlan.
1829 10th September: Partick Brass Band raised at the instigation of the Lodge. In the same year we note that brother George Wallace was fined five shillings, and Brother John Donald three shillings for misbehaviour, while a Brother John McNeil was suspended for 99 years.
1830 11th June: Partick Brass Band severely censured for taking advantage of the Lodge by absenting themselves and going to play at the house of Mathew Liddell, Woodside, as they were under contract to play at Lodge Meetings.
1839 29th July: Brother John Donald expelled for five years for making wrongful statements about the Master. This brother seems to have been quite a character. He was Tyler of the Lodge and this no doubt made it possible for him to steal the Charter, which he did the following year, actually initiating two men into the Order. Later he and five others purchased the Charter of Duntocher and Faifley Union Lodge (now Union Lodge Glasgow No 33) and set up a Lodge in Partick in opposition to St Mary's. He was deprived of office and there is no further mention of his name in the records.
1846 29th March: Lodge number changed to 117.
1848 3rd November: Masonic Ball held in the Lodge rooms.
1849 12 February: First visit from Provincial Grand Lodge, a clear record being given.
1853 12 June: First member not initiated in Partick. Passed and Raised by the Lodge, one Brother Alexander McKenzie of Rothesy St John.
1856 20th December: Second occasion of Brother being raised who had not been initiated in Partick, this time a Brother William Edward Jones, who had received his first two degrees in Lodge Palestine New York.
1858 29th June: First foreigner admitted, one Gaetano Felice being initiated, the interpreter being Brother Larenzo Massily.
Sick Fund inaugurated.
1861 8th March: Flag purchased by subscription, painted at a cost of four pounds, and first carried at the Annual Festival on 29th March the year. The flag was reputedly last carried in 1908.
1862 First assistance granted to a Brother of the Lodge, the sum of two shillings being voted.
1872 Grand Lodge adopted the ceremony of Installed Master. Previously unmarked by any ceremony other than an oath, it was first conferred in the Lodge the following year, 1873.
1875 Moved to new Lodge Room in Douglas Street.
1881 13th October: No Mark Masons had been advanced since 1816, but on this date, Past Master Brother John Gray, Secretary, after having studied the degree, advanced twelve Master Masons at this ceremony.
1881 25th October: Funeral Lodge held for Past Master Thomas Granger.
1883 21st November. Mark Degree Stones presented to the Lodge by Brother Robert Wilkie. During this year also, fifty candidates were initiated, the largest number in Scotland .
1884 October: Gauntlets presented to the Master for the first time.
November. First Benevolent Fund Treasurer appointed, one Brother John Sawers.
1885 22nd August. An excursion was held to Campsie, with two brakes taking the 48 members, accompanied by the Piper.
1889 6th August: First Minister of Religion initiated, the Reverend John Smith of Partick Parish Church. Installed Chaplain in the same year and held office till 1929. Was also Provincial Grand Chaplain.
1890 31st October: First Divine Masonic Service held in Partick Parish Church.
31st October: Balance sheet showed a balance of £194 nine shillings and seven pence, an increase of £91 four shillings and eight pence halfpenny for the year. There were 81 initiates, at a fee of £2 ten shillings each; and the Benevolent Fund was £9 two shillings and nine pence halfpenny, with two accounts in the Lodge. During this year the Lodge contributed to a Masonic Bazaar held by the Grand Lodge to form the nucleus of an Annuity Fund: £15,000 raised.
1892 6th April: First donation to an outside Charity was to the Western Infirmary, 2 guineas.
1893 January: Lodge re-floored by voluntary efforts of the Brethren at a cost of materials, £10. In August of this year the Lodge were winners of the Provincial Bowling Trophy.
1894 19th June: A change in the Bye-Laws was made. The nomination and election of the Office Bearers to take place on the first Wednesday of November, and the Installation on the first Wednesday of December. This is still the case today. Auditors were to be appointed on the first Wednesday of November, and a report given on the Third Wednesday of the same month. A balance sheet must be issued to each member by the Treasurer at least two days prior to this meeting. The new age for Initiation to be 21 years, or in the case of a Master Mason's son (Lewis), 18 years.
1895 May: Grand Lodge orders closure of the Lodge and handing over the Charter after examination of the books. Owing to a dispute between the Master and Secretary, some minutes were unsigned. Upon suitable promises being made, the Charter was returned and the Lodge reopened.
1896 September: Reprimanded by Grand Lodge for the offence of conferring Three Degrees in one night, the excuse being that these were seafarers. A second offence that the Lodge had raised a Brother to the rank of a Master Mason without permission of Provincial Grand Lodge is also recorded.
1897 March: Temporary suspension by Provincial Grand Lodge, the offence this time being that a Fellowcraft had been raised to Master Mason after only ten days instead of the fourteen days laid down by Provincial in a circular issued 1896, this being Grand Lodge Law No. 162. After a suitable apology had been made, the suspension was raised.
Year Details

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