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Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117
Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.
Within the Province of Glasgow

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

The History in chronological order from 1611 to 1817

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Year Details
1611 Foundation of a Lodge by William Millar, Building Contractor.
1758 Request made to Mother Lodge Kilwinning for the granting of a Charter.
1759 24th May: Charter granted to Partick Kilwinning Lodge No 64.
1763 27th December: Disruption at meeting between the Operative and Operative and Speculative members.
1765 10th May: Agreement after committee of arbitration.
1766 August: First mention of the intention to apply for a Charter by the Speculatives.
1769 10th February: Formal submission for a Charter made to Grand Lodge.
29th March: Charter granted by Grand Lodge to "Partick St Mary's Lodge No 150".
April: First initiate into the Lodge after the granting of the Charter, one James Guldelen, (Guldiland) who later became the RWM in 1772 and later in 1776-7.
1793 11th April: Prohibitions by Grand Lodge not to receive officially visits of Lodges holding to Kilwinning Lodge, although visits by Private Brethren from said Lodges was permissible.
1796 26th July: First church parade to Anderston Church, a contribution of one guinea being made towards the collection from the Common Stock.
1797 27th December: Church Parade, the Brethren walking from the Trades Hall to St Andrews Church.
1805 19th December: Ten Brethren being passed and raised, all being members of the Essex Militia, the same being members of the band leading the parade on St John's Day, 27th December.
1811 22nd July: First mention of the donation to charity, to the wife of one Brother Thomas Miller, the sum of five shillings.
1816 15th January: Complaints and counter complaints between John Donald and George Wallace. After examination of evidence, Wallace was fined five shillings and Donald three shillings.
1816 18th August: Complaints by some Office Bearers that they had not been warned to attend the previous meeting. The Senior Warden, Senior Steward and two Brothers were each fined five shillings.
1816 9th November: First mention of the Mark Degree. One William Brown was made a Mark and Chair Mason.
12th April: Inventory Stock 
10 Silver jewels with necks
3 Silver Jewels with necks
10 Velvet sashes
4 Seals
10 Office Bearers' Aprons
35 Aprons
3 Mels
1 Floor clot
2 Wardens' Tables
2 Batons
6 Rods
1 Bible, Compass and Square
1 Cushion and covering
1 Canopy
3 Chests
14 Old Sashes
1 Sword and Transparency
2 Bound Books
2 Unbound Book
1 Treasurer's Book
23 Glasses
Year Details

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Lodge Syllabus
  • 5th September

  • 19th September

  • 3rd October

  • 17th October

    Nomination & Election
  • 7th November

  • 21st November

    A.G.M. & Memorial Service
  • 5th December

    Installation at 6.45pm
  • 19th December

  • 2nd January

  • 16th January


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