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Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117
Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.
Within the Province of Glasgow

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

History of Partick St. Mary's Lodge No 117

Ceremony of Re-Consecration of the Masonic Temple

Partick St. Mary's Lodge celebrated the Centenary of owning the Temple with a Re-Consecration Ceremony which was handsomely preformed by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow. Taking part was:

  • Provincial Grand Master
             William Gilmour
  • Substitute Provincial Grand Masters
             Donald James Riddell (acting Chaplain)
             John Cameron Mclean
  • Provincial Grand Junior Warden
             Robert G. Neilson
  • Provincial Grand Treasurer
             John G. McMillan (acting Senior Warden)
  • Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
             Allan Jenkins
  • Provincial Grand Organist
             R. Callum Mathie

Hymns where sung proudly, the scripture where poignant and a great night was had by all as you can see from these pictures of the Harmony afterward.

Also on display that evening was the Partick Drum, Burgh of Partick Lord Provost's Chain and a Police truncheon from 1908 which was kindly leant to us by the People's Palace in Glasgow, which we thank them every deeply for this opportunity.

Lodge Syllabus
  • 3rd January
    (special meeting)

    Exem degree
    Instruction Class by PM Bro Alan Cuthill
    meeting opens at 19:30
  • 3rd January
    Exem degree
    Instruction Class by PM Bro Alan Cuthill
  • 17th January
    2nd degree
    By Lodge Kelvin Partick No 1207
  • 7th February

  • 21st February

  • 7th March

    Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow Annual Visit
  • 21st March

  • 4th April

  • 18th April

  • 2nd May

  • 16th May


Lodge Visitations