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Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117
Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland.
Within the Province of Glasgow

Partick St Mary's Lodge No 117


Welcome Brother, Friend, Guest to the website of Partick St Mary"s Lodge No 117.

We thank you for taking the opportunity to visit our website and trust your visit will prove interesting and fruitful, that, you may return frequently, or pursue through our channel further information about Freemasonry. This of course can be obtained from the website of 'Grand Lodge of Scotland'.

Partick St. Mary's Lodge About Us

Partick St Mary"s Lodge No 117 was Chartered by the 'Grand Lodge of Scotland' on 29th March 1769 and therefore has an unbroken history and tradition of over Two Hundred and Forty-Eight years. A brief account of the Lodge history is available on a link attached to this site for your interest and perusal. Similarly a link outlining our aims, which is readily available via the 'Grand Lodge of Scotland' website.

The official Lodge history of Partick St. Mary's Lodge was written by Brother Thomas A. Bell, Right Worshipful Master, 1945 - 46.

The Lodge is situated in the heart of Glasgow's cosmopolitan and popular West End, a stone's throw from Glasgow University, the only other local institution which can lay claim to being older than the Lodge.

By virtue of its charter the Lodge cannot meet outwith the boundaries of Partick and so, for Two Hundred and Forty-Eight years, in the most part complied with this decree since its early inception as a village Lodge in the early 17th century.

Presently we meet at the Partick Temple, 92 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow, G11 6NX, where the Lodge has met without, break since 1908. In 2008 we commemorated our hundredth year within the hall with a re-consecration of our Temple.

The Lodge meets on the First and Third Wednesday of each month from September to May and endeavours to sustain a varied programme of activities.

Likewise, as freemasons, we all have an obligation to undertake charitable activities in the wider community and a list of those charitable donations are listed.

If you are not familiar with our Lodge and this is your first contact we would be pleased to hear from you! You can reach us by our contact us page or if in the other hand you are interested in joining our Fraternity or brotherhood, please view our 'Becoming a freemason' page.

Bicenquinquagenary (250th) Anniversary

The lodge will be celebrating its Bicenquinquagenary (pronounced [bi-cen-kwin-kwah-juh-ner-ee]) or 250th Anniversary on Friday, 24th March 2019, which is:

to go and I hope you able to join us on that historic day.

In conclusion may I thank you, for visiting our site and extend to you our good wishes and your continued health, on behalf of the myself the Master of the Lodge, Office bearers and Brethren of this fine old Lodge.

David Armstrong Jr
Right Worshipful Master
Partick St Mary"s Lodge No 117

Lodge Syllabus
  • 5th December

    Installation at 6.45pm
  • 19th December

  • 2nd January

  • 16th January

  • 6th February

  • 20th February

  • 6th March

    Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow Annual Visit
  • 20th March

  • 3rd April

  • 17th April


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